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Our Facilities

North Shore Smash Repairs is a modern workshop using the latest facilities to bring your car back to you as quick as possible. Our facilities have been designed so that you will get the best experience possible, from the moment you walk in for a quote, until your car is returned to you. 



The premises provides easy access via street frontage parking.



Our reception area offers comfortable seating whilst your car is being inspected. Here you can enjoy free wifi, and a hot or cold beverage of your choice without having to travel elsewhere.



The cars inspected in our estimating bay flow on to our stripping and fitting areas before they are sectioned into their appropriate pulling bay. Depending on the severity of your damaged vehicle, each one of our smash repairs bays are equipped with either measuring systems, auto-robots, jigs, a hoist and several other pulling equipment in addition to mig-welders, aluminium welders, spot welders, easy beats amongst others.

Paint shop

Adjacent to the workshop is the paintshop, equipped with the latest computers and mixing equipment to ensure the colours created are identical to its factory duco. Our water borne paints are environmentally friendly and the most recent on the market. Our professional spray painters have received extensive training in water borne paints, so you can be assured that your car will be restored to showroom condition. We warrant all of our repairs with lifetime guarantee.

Our large prep area enables us to high fill and prepare all repaired vehicles from the panel shop to start the final stages of the repair process.  Your vehicle is then taken into our full downdraft spray booth.  Full downdraft spray booths ensures the airflows occur in a downwards motion, through flooring grates and into a filtration system. This method allows for a factory finish, and enables us to return your car to you as soon as possible.


Detailing Bay

You will find our detailing bay at the rear of our facility. The detailing bay complements our repairs, and is where we wash each individual vehicle that is brought through our doors.  Our professional detailers meticulously examine every inch of your vehicle before it is brought back to you in immaculate condition.

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